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House Cat

Linda Olson

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  • Rickwilson


  • Realestate80

    That reminded me of a time that a buyer’s agent actually brought their own dog on a showing of a property I had listed. They tracked mud all through the house and then used one of the home owners towels to clean it up. Crazy!

  • Chris

    HA! That is why everyone should just stick with dogs :)

  • Guest

    What did the homeowners do when they came home and found a cat in their house?!

  • Juliehiggs

    Yikes! Hope they were’nt allergic! :) good story.

  • Kristen Abigail

    I don’t think the artist has ever owned a cat. In some shots it looks like a dog, in others it kind of appears to be a mouse. The story is really funny though.

  • Bob Johnson

    That’s funny!